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Steering Box alignment
Problem:  Steering wheel binds one way or the other


The out put shaft has to be aligned straight with the column.  There was a wedge in the box mounting you need to move in or out or  loosen the box and move it up and down, or both. (See Figure 1) It has to be straight and aligned with the core shaft in the column. 

Loosen the box a little at a time and work the box so it is in line with the column housing.  The gap around the column base should be the same all the way around.  Hard to explain until you've done one.  If you review Figure 1 below, I think it will self explain itself.  Figure 2 shows how the column connects to the box on Dodge and Plymouth.

Take your time, be patient and it will all come together

Fig. 1

Fig. 2


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