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How to Correctly Adjust the Brakes
This procedure pertains to 1962 and earlier cars without self adjusters.

An old hand showed me 30 years ago how to properly adjust Full Contact Brakes in one move (maybe a little fine adjustment?).

With wheel and tire just clear of ground contact, spin wheel in either direction and using a 7/16 socket, tighten adjusting cam until light rubbing can be heard. Move to other cam (2 on each wheel) and do same. Now adjust cam 1/8 turn tighter on each and call it good.

Do this on all four wheels and test drive, doing light to hard braking to get a good seat. Possible adjustment may be needed if car pulls to one side or other mis-adjustment symptoms. I got to where I could rattle off a brake job in no time flat, spending more time cleaning up grimy parts than actually doing the job.

Thanks to Brent, aka: "Doctor Desoto" of Forward Look


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