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This is a picture of some of the special tools that will be needed. At the top is a bearing puller that I use. It will take the bearings off with out damaging the bearing for reuse. Two tools that I didn't include was a beam type inch pound torque wrench and a bearing and seal installing tool set. The tool on the right is used to hold the pinion yoke when tightening the pinion nut. Micrometer or dial calipers for measuring shim thickness and dial indicator for setting ring gear backlash. The big torque wrench should be at least a 150 ft. lb. wrench.


IMPORTANT: The bearing caps for the diff carrier bearings are NOT interchangeable and must stay on the side they were manufactured on. The bearing bore and adjuster threads will not match if the caps are switched. Mark the case and the caps before disassembly. I use a center punch.

A poor picture of my markings - one dot for one side and two dots for the other side.

The Other Side

Maybe this will help clarify my poor previous pictures.

Disassemble the entire rear-end and inspect all parts for damage and wear. I purchased a new ring and pinion gear set and overhaul package from "Randy's Ring and Pinion" and it was a very complete overhaul kit. It even came with gear marking compound and Locktite. Now's the time to clean all parts that are to be reused.


The pinion depth shim is located (usually) under the rear pinion bearing. Remove the bearing and save the shim for reuse and/or reference.

Pinion bearing preload is set with either shims and a spacer (as pictured) or with a collapsible spacer. Be sure to get and save all of the shims from behind the front pinion bearing and save the spacer and shims for later use. ( the shims sometimes stick to the bearing and spacer, so be sure and check very closely to get them all. )

When removing the ring gear, care should be used because the ring gear bolts have left hand threads. the head of the bolt will have an "L" on them. Turn them CLOCKWISE to remove.

Use a punch that will go all the way to the bottom of the bolt hole and not damage the ring gear threads to remove the ring gear from the case. Move from side to side to remove the ring gear from the case, straight off. It is a very tight press fit.

Finished Removal.

Use the bearing puller to remove the side bearings from the differential carrier. A spacer will be needed to push on the case. This one was included with the bearing puller I use.


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